Mass complaints campaign begins

December 2023

Tulse Hill Estate Unites has been focused on supporting residents directly impacted with damp and mould in their properties to submit complaints to the council. Members have been going door to door hearing stories of longstanding damp and mould that have left residents feeling powerless and ignored.  

Before the festive break a member of the group posted the 20 complaints they collected from their neighbours to the council calling for a resolution to longstanding issues of damp and disrepair. Among them, several residents have had to move their children to the living rooms as their bedrooms are too mouldy, with obvious knock-on effects for their mental health. One man showed members the state of his ceiling which had widespread and visible water ingress. He spoke about having to place buckets around his bedroom every time it rains. Several others have developed asthma or other respiratory conditions since living in damp and mouldy flats for much of their lives. 

Due to Tulse Hill Estate Unites’ organising efforts several of the group’s members have now secured lasting repairs. However, this is just the start, with the group having exciting plans for the year ahead to continue to push for all residents on their estate to have a home free of damp and mould.