Success! Manuel's flat cleared of damp

November 2023

Since senior management from Lambeth turned out to the Tulse Hill Estate TRA meeting to defend their record, members of Tulse Hill Estate Unites have been seeing a sudden spike in attention from the Council. Several members that attended and showed their collective strength have since had major works done to their homes, most of them after waiting years. 

Manuel has been a core member of Tulse Hill Estate Unites since its early days in Spring 2023, and has been dedicated in getting justice for him and his neighbours through collective action. As a transport worker, he knows the value of trust in public services. 

For the past year, Manuel's son has been forced to sleep in the living room due to widespread damp and mould in his bedroom that until now the Council has refused to fix properly. Since taking action with THEU, he has finally received part of the service that he is entitled to. Lambeth contractors have treated his son's room with anti-mould paint, installed a new ventilator, as well as carrying out works to his kitchen.